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❧Fall❧ {Imagine}

Hello:)  I hope you are enjoying your day.  Over at my part of the world... or corner of the internet...whichever you prefer... the weather is awesome.  Currently 48 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy.  I would prefer sunny but oh well.  I'm so happy it is time for fall, though this was one of the first years I actually enjoyed summer weather!  I usually don't :P

I didn't want to put a picture with this post because I want you to Imagine it...
It is cold enough that you are slightly uncomfortable and you can feel the breeze creeping between the threads of your sweater.  Your jeans suddenly seem very necessary as the wind picks up and blows your hair around your face.  Your feet are starting to catch on to the cold as well and you decide to walk to keep a bit warmer.  There are leaves here and there on the pavement.  Above are trees that if you glance at quickly, look like a reddish gold ceiling.  But really are trees, some a dark purple-red, some a perfect orange-brown and the majority and dark yellow.  It is at the point where you cannot decide whether you like the weather or not.  You may or may not rather be sitting inside with a book or back on the computer.  You use your cold hands to fix your hair over your ears which are especially sensitive to the cold.  But just because it is cold, it cannot make up your mind that you do not like fall.  It is simply beautiful outside and you think of Halloween and Thanksgiving which leads on to the feeling of Christmas.
Though it is far off, the feeling begins here on your little street outside your warm house.  



  1. Oh my gosh, I just love the feeling of what comes to my mind when I read this :)

  2. I just followed your blog. Here's mine: ;)

  3. I loved this, so descriptive, the perfect fall image.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  4. Lovely blog girl!
    - Azia (


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