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Hey there :)

So I just felt like posting for no reason... read on if you wish.

If you have NOT listened to Fireproof by one Direction, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend it.  It is already #1 in over 50 countries and the whole album is not even released yet.  I say a round of applause for the Directioners who spread the song :)   I read some tweets from the 1D band members and they said they are especially happy with the support the news of the upcoming album and the new song is getting.  Pretty cool :)  {Fireproof link}

And this Saturday is Niall's (obviously from 1D) 21st birthday!!!! :)  I am so envious of anyone going to the concert on his birthday!!!  (He's my favorite...WHAT?!! WHO SAID I WAS PICKING FAVORITES?!  WHATTTT?!!!  Hehee okay so maybe I am... but we all do...)

Alsoooooo I believe I have an idea of what I want for Christmas... yes, it is September.  But this looks so cool and it is a bit expensive, but a crazy good price for something like this... click here to see it!!!

"Deluxe CD Album plus an exclusive limited edition 12" print with special message from One Direction featuring your name!

The brand new image of One Direction will be printed on a soft touch silver board with a matte finish giving it an unique, high quality feel.
The special message from One Direction will be printed and personalised with your name. The message will read:
 To <your name entered at checkout>,
We cannot thank you enough for your support, we love you!
One Direction xx
 When you click 'Add to Cart' you will be prompted to enter the name you would like to appear on the print. Please only use the letters A-Z and enter a maximum of 30 characters.*
 Offer comes exclusively with a One Direction wristband, shipped with your package for street date"  

All for $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have to agree it really is a bargain! Haha!

And one more thing.... Only like, 36 (I think) days until I go to Germany!!!  I have a lot to get ready!!!  I don't have anything ready for the trip!!  :P  I should get on that.....  


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