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The 'Big Helper' tag

Hey guys :)  How is your day?  I don't like Tuesdays... :P

As you can see from the title, there is a bit of a tag going on here.  Not just any tag though.  *Cough* I'm making up a new tag *Cough*.  Now you are all rolling your eyes, and breathing out the words "Oh gosh..."  Well this blog tag is going to be very... blogger friendly shall we say...?

 big helper tag 
Please always link photo back my my blog if you use it {image via Pinterest}

I want the "Big helper' tag to be able to help people reach your blog.  We are all looking for more page views, a few more reads on our posts and some willing people to click the follow button.  Which does not seem so hard because people DO like to read about us!  At least I do ;)
But the thing is, it is hard.  So here is how this tag might help you and how it works...

First of all, the rules:  

  • Nominate just 2 Bloggers 
  • Use this picture above in your post
  • Let them know that they have been tagged
  • With their permission, for one week you will share their blog to every social media site you are in and you have to mention their blog in at least one blog post that week, or even a whole post about it.  
  • The person who gets tagged, tags two more bloggers and so on. 

The point is, to share each others blogs.  To let people know that we are out there!  Wouldn't you like that? I know most blog tags are supposed to help with that, but really they don't help all too much.  But this is a tag strictly for promoting each other :)

So, I will start off this tag by nominating:

(Remember to ask permission to spread their blog!!!!)

I hope everyone likes this idea!!!



  1. Thanks so much for this! I would love to do this:)

  2. I was browsing through your blog- it looks super nice and I liked some of your posts.
    Following on bloglovin.


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