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A little random.

Hey guys :)
So this is very random but I felt a sudden urge to post about it...
Earlier today, while I was finishing up Spanish, I went on Pinterest to the Directioners group board I am in.  Someone had pinned this video; It is called 'Make a wish|One Direction'. And another amazing one, 'You and Us' They are literally the most emotional videos I have ever watched... and yes... I myself got emotional.  I never really do... and these videos made me.  Especially the first one :P  Whoever made this is a genius or simply, an angel.  I have never seen anything so perfectly explained.  This first video is for the fans who have never met One Direction and may never will.  I can't tell you how much these videos mean to me.  And though most of you will think it is stupid... just know that to a lot of people... it means the most to them.
And this is because the 1D family is more than a crazy fandom.  Its a family.  A family made up of millions of dedicated girls who support, love and listen to 5 guys from a different part of the world and thats what fills up most of our time and what really makes us happy. That is mostly what the second video is about.
Theres really not much else to say.. so go ahead and watch the videos if you want to :)
{Please excuse the language at the beginning of the 2nd video}


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