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Random Ramblings

Heyyyy :)   How is everyone?
Get ready for complete randomness....

So, today  was pretty exciting for me:  The official annual 2014 One Direction book came out and I got to read the leaked introduction to their Official Auto Biography that will be released NEXT MONTH!!! I am soooo excited for it!!  Mainly because they all really took part in writing it and they said in the intro, that since Directioners know like, everything about them, they didn't want the book to be about that, but rather how they felt at certain times and just their thoughts and stuff.  I don't know, but I think that's pretty darn cool :)
Also, rumors are out that they will release a new single soon and their new album is on its way!!!!!!!! I've heard they have been in the studio alot.   I am super excited for it because the last album was AMAZING.  They said they all took part writing the songs with little to no help, and Ed Sheeran wrote some songs for them!!!  :D Ed Sheeran wrote Moments, Over Again and Little things... and those are amazing songs, so I can't wait to hear these new ones!
Tomorrow is Liam Payne's 21st birthday!!!  They will be in Chicago tomorrow and Saturday and I'm really sad because that's only like, 2 hours away and I'm not going :'(  But I guess I'll just be like every other fan and send him an annoying happy birthday tweet on Twitter...  They are growing up :'(  WAHHH!!!!  If I was Liam, I'd be so happy to have a concert on my birthday, because no one came to his 16th b-day party :(  How sad!!!
And what else is sad is that for their 4th tour next year... they most likely won't be in the US which means I won't be able to go to a concert.
Aaaand Simon Cowell (the X-factor judge, and the guy who put the band together) said he thinks the new album so far is amazing and different!  And recently he said he is so happy that One Direction isn't 'scripted', meaning they don't get pushed around by management.

Gosh, I really need some money... with the new You and I perfume (man, I wonder what it smells like, because 'Our Moment' is one of the best things I've ever smelled, which reminds me, I don't have that either...) and the new AutoBio and new album soon and oh my goshhhhh.

I watched another sad video and I love it so much!!  The girls who make these videos are amazing:
 Story of my Life fan video   
{Please excuse the use of bad language at one point in the video}   

So to be so random, but all of that was on my mind and more!  I'm sure there are some things I have forgotten, which you must be happy to not hear about! Haha :)  


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  1. Haha. I see you're a directioner ;) Zayn is my fave <3 Very nice ramblings. Love your blog!!



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