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More awards!!!! :)

Hey everyone!!!

Looks like I have 2 things to fill out :)  first, Yasmine nominated me for the Liebster award!!  Thank you :)
 Here are my 11 facts..they are super lame, sorry!  Just not in a creative mood :P

  1. My pillow case has Ariel on it
  2. I'm hungry
  3. I love One Direction
  4. I should read a book....
  5. I want it to be colder outside
  6. I have 4 fave necklaces
  7. I drink coffee every morning
  8. I love owls
  9. I have a strong liking for fruit
  10. It is now my 2nd week of school
  11. I hope I can come up with good questions for the rest of this...
Yasmine's questions:
  1. Reading or writing?   I can't decide!!!  I think it is important for everyone to do both though.
  2. Which fictional characters (pick a total of five) would you love to have dinner with?   I am so sorry... these books are for 8 year olds but I REALLY would love to meet the 'American Girls':  Kit, Samantha and Molly and then 2 other people would be Jason Grace and Piper McLean from Heroes of Olympus :)
  3. What's your favourite piece of clothing (that you own)?  ALL 22 OF MY SWEATERS XD
  4. Are you excited about Doctor Who season eight? Why/why not? Who is your favourite Doctor?  I actually DON'T watch Dr. Who.  I know, I'm like the only person that doesn't 
  5. Which YouTubers do you watch most?   Ummmm Bethany Mota!  And if Vine\Youtubers count then I watch Nash Grier sometimes.  Otherwise I only watch like, music videos and stuff and footage of One Direction hahahahaha
  6. What do you think you'll be doing five years from now?  Well I will be 20 going on 21... so... I would guess I would probably be doing the same thing I am right now.  Its summer so I wouldn't be in school.. and its a Monday... no one does stuff on  Mondays so hopefully blogging still!  Haha!
  7. How many times have you been nominated for a Liebster Award?  3 or 4 times :)
  8. Last thing you ate?  Strawberry  Yogurt :)
  9. Something good that happened this week?  I had a sleepover this weekend!
  10. (Going to steal Sammie's question) Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy? Why?  FAIRY!!!  I can't swim and don't want to... and fairys are SO cute and they can fly and everyone loves them and I'd be fiends with TinkerBell and Thumbelina DUH!  LOL
  11. Any hidden talents?  Nopeeeeeeee :P
Loved your questions Yasmine!!  
Now for my nominees and questions:

  1. Fave thing to do in Winter?
  2. What book are you reading or last read?
  3. Ever checked anything off on your bucketlist?
  4. Thoughts on seafood?
  5. Ever tried coconut water?
  6. Stripes or polka dots?
  7. Fave song right now?
  8. In your opinion what was the best song that came out this Spring\Summer?
  9. Fandoms you are in?
  10. Ever left a fandom?
  11. Last movie you watched?
I nominate these 11:
  1. Morning
  2. Lyndsey
  3. Anna
  4. Cindy
  5. Eve
  6. Madeline
  7. Daisy-Chan
  8. Lauren
  9. Bethan
  10. Nicole Rose
  11. Rachel
Now... for an all new blog tag made by Morning......   The 'Summer rewind' tag!

Thank you so much, Morning this was an great idea!!!

1. Thank the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
4. Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
6. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
5. Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
7. Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin (

The Questions
1. When did you get out of school?  I don't remember the exact day, but it was sometime in May.  I am homeschooled and I usually get out early :)
2. When are you heading back to school?  I'm already on my 2nd week :)
3. Name three songs on your summer playlist.  'She looks so perfect'-5 seconds of summer, 'Best Song Ever'-One Direction, Classic-MKTO.   I listened to those 3 songs alot this summer.  And yes... I tried to include songs that weren't ALL by One Direction...;)
4. Do you prefer beaches or swimming pools? I can't swim either way... but beaches :)  
5. What's your favorite summer treat?  ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!1  If that counts... because its like my fave thing and I eat it all year round ;)
6. Does your skin tan or burn?  Well.... I have never burned and my skin does not exactly tan very easily... it takes a long time :P

7. Name the summer activity you love, and the one you absolutely despise. ("Hate" is a strong word.)  Well being out of school and being able to go camping and be with friends outside of regular activities.  And yes... I have to say I despise swimming.  And not just because I can't do it.  I actually strongly dislike it.  
8. Something you discovered this summer?  How much I really love Schoenstatt!  Being there for 2 weeks really made it clear how wonderful it is there.  An no, I still do not want to be a Sister ;)
9. If you can, post a picture of your summer outfit. (If you don't have a camera, find an outfit via Pinterest).  I really am too lazy to go find a picture of something I wore this summer.  But I usually just where my denim roll up shorts and a graphic tee.  
  But I do have this shirt I got in Spring form my friends for my birthday.  I wore this often and love it alot!  So I guess besides T-shirts, this is the answer :)
10. Something you'll be missing from this summer?  Pinterest.  All day.  Everyday.  
Just kidding (but seriously).  Ummm I actually kind enjoyed the warm weather which I usually don't... so I will miss that.  And just the 'Hey, its summer' feeling :)  
And now, some things that I did this summer...

  1. Summer camp!!!   You can read about that here and see pictures :)  Camp was so much fun.  It was my... 4th.. yes 4th summer camp and I experienced a lot and had so much fun.  Won't forget it ;)
  2. I started writing my fanfiction!  I would share it (well maybe...) but its in a notebook  ;)
  3. Something REALLY important... I started blogging again... and for real.  I had my blog for a long time before this summer, but I actually, really started blogging alot and for real this summer and that has been so fun :)
  4. I made so many new friends!!!  At camp I made at least 10 new!  And even online I've talked to a few girls over Pinterest and of course all my fellow bloggers xx
  5. I raised all my money for my Pilgrimage to Germany in October!!!  I started raising in January and successfully finished this summer :) 

I nominate:  (these 5 girls were also mentioned above for the Liebster award)  

  1. Daisy-Chan
  2. Lauren
  3. Bethan
  4. Nicole Rose
  5. Rachel 
My questions:

  1. If you the chance to relive ONE moment from this summer, what would it be?
  2. What color reminds you of summer?
  3. Fave thing about going back to school?
  4. What was the best book you read this summer?
  5. What was the most amazing movie you saw this summer?
  6. Flip flops or regular sandals?
  7. Put one word here that describes or 'sums up' your summer, or your favorite memory of it.  
  8. Do you enjoy popsicles or ice cream more?
  9. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  10. What are you looking forward to (planning, wishing, wanting) do next summer?  

Thanks again, Yasmine and Morning for the awards!!!  :)



  1. I love your answers, Lizzie! :D

    xoxo Morning

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! :)

  3. Thank you for the nomination, I hope I can get to working on your questions in the near future! (I'm in college right now, so life is pretty hectic).
    Good luck with school!

    | My Blog | Pinterest | Google+ |

    1. Okay thats fine! Can't wait to see the answers :)


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