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Hey everybody!

Whats up with you?  I hope you all had a nice week.
And yes, the hair tutorial will be up here very soon ;)

One thing slightly random... a little girl who was a cancer patient died (I think it was today).  She did fulfill her wish of meeting One Direction though.  It is really sad to hear about.  See?  They are so nice!  Not to mention in early 2013, they went to Ghana in Africa and spent time with really sick kids and stuff and taught them songs.  The footage is awesome.  But they didn't really tell anyone... it wasn't for publicity...which no one will be believe, but ya know... I do.   There's even videos where they are all crying because it had such an impact on them.  Okay,  I'll stop talking now XD

So today... or tonight rather, I am planning on watching the One Direction movie for the 2nd time.  All by myself :(  I was supposed to get it for a sleepover last week but it didn't come in at the library in time... soooo now I'll watch it alone!
Tomorrow we are hosting a 50th anniversary party for my grandparents and then not much else is going on :P  

Well hopefully the hair thing is up here soon! :)


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  1. That's sad to hear that the little girl died. :'( Ooh, and I'll go check out their hair tutorial! :)

    xoxo Morning


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