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Today I will write a semi-detailed over view of camp with some pictures as well!!!
I came to camp a day early to help set up.  Setting up included decorating the main room, and stuff like getting the rooms prepared and cleaning bathrooms (which was actually super fun!).  Just stuff like that.  I shared a room with one of my best friends, Ellen.  So in our free time that day, which was Saturday the 5th, we unpacked and cleaned our room and some of our other friends came over to the retreat center to hang out with us for a while.  That night, my friend and I went to another building where other Sisters live and we made new song books to use during camp.  That was pretty cool too.  It was super fun that day!
All hours before 7pm on Sunday were spent finishing getting everything ready, and some free time, of course besides church in the morning.  That night before the rest of the campers came, the girls going on the July pilgrimage to Germany (like I will in October) left.  It was exciting for me to see other girls going to go to the same place that I will in just a few months!!  At camp, I knew a few other people that came, and became friends with most of the other girls.  Lots of the girls that came were from Ohio, that had come to camp so that at the end of the week they could make their Covenant of Love with the blessed Mother (which I will do in Germany).  It was super exciting to see so many girls making it at one time.
(The Covenant of Love is a special bonding with Mary, mother of Jesus, where you have a spiritual 'exchange of hearts'.  You give her everything and in return she helps you and gives you graces, which means.. well making you a better person and getting you closer to Jesus!)
An overview of each day:
After we wake up and get ready which is at about 7:30-ish, we go to the Shrine for morning prayer and then have flag raising and breakfast.  After that, we have helping teams to clean up, and then have a talk that goes along with the theme of camp.  Either given by a guest speaker or one of the sisters or counselors.
Then we have another activity maybe, and then lunch, helping teams again and just fun activities through the day.  On Wednesday, we went to an Assisted living place and talked to some elderly people and sang for them.  Then we went to the beach which was super fun as well.
I had a job assigned to me all week of ringing the bell, so that people know when the next activity starts.  Lets just say... I started out by forgetting to ring the bell until Tuesday morning.  The Sisters had to remind me almost every time... but hey, it was a fun job...;)  And on the last day, I rang the bell so hard I broke it 0_0... Yeah.  LOL
Oh, and I met a girl there who lives literally like 10 minutes away from me and we go to the same church and same Mass time!! WEIRD!! Her name was Janelli and she was SUPER SWEET ;)

Well thats pretty much it... and heres the pictures!!!  Enjoy!!

 The Father (Kentenich) Memorial
The Shrine :)

A life size statue of Fr. Kentenich, the founder of the Schoenstatt Movement

On the way to the bonfire!

At the bonfire! (yes its super bright out because it was only about 5:30 when we got there to have dinner.

 Myself, Ellen(One of my best friends) and my other friends, Michaela and Erin-(at the bottom) (left to right)
 Janelli and Rebekah (left to right)
 Golf cart ride at 9 am
 The rolling hills of... Wisconsin...
 Up by the cross, where we have our bonfires. 
 Singing in the assisted living facility
 Walking through a wooded trail to the beach at a park.
Ellen and Michaela (left to right)

Me and Janelli at the beach (left to right)

 Janelli, Siobhan and Morgann (left to right)

 Ellen and Michaela again
 Burying our signatures behind a wayside Shrine.
 The girls from Ohio sealing their Covenant of Love!

 Michaela ringing the Shrine bell after the Covenants.
 Group picture of all the girls at camp!! I am the 2nd from the left on the bottom row, kneeling.
 Michaela, Abby and Ellen (left to right)
The Shrine door.
Hope you enjoyed my not-so-long-after-all post!!


  1. Cool!! Camp seems fun!!!- Jollygirl from the blog:

  2. Hi Lizzie! Yes, I do follow you. :) Thanks for the supportive comment you left on my blog <3

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could attend these camps in the summer.

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