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Sunshine award(again:)) And more!

Hey again!!  Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for my second week of Summer camp.  This week I will be counseling younger girls from ages 10-12 I think...  It should be super fun!  So,
goodbye again until Thursday!!  Before I go, I thought I would finally fill out these questions for the 2nd time I was nominated for the Sunshine award :D
Thanks so much, Bethan!!  (You can check out Bethan's wonderful blog by clicking her name)

 photo via: Think.Read.Write.Dream
- Thank the person who nominated you.
- Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
- Nominate a few other bloggers.
- Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
- Notify the bloggers you nominated on their blog.
- Put the award button on your blog 

Bethan's questions:
1. When is your birthday (you don't have to say the year)?
March 22nd 1999 (It says I am 15 on my sidebar so whatever)
2. Why did you start blogging?
Good question.  I dunno.  I had started reading blogs back when I was about 11 and I guess I just wanted to try it out, so one day I hit that magical 'create blog' button and TA-DA. Here I am with 33 followers and lots of blogger friends :)
3. What is on the top of your To Be Read pile?
Oh gosh.  I would LOVE to re-read the 'Christy Miller' series for the 3rd time... and I want to finish reading Regina Doman's 'Fairy Tales retold' books.  And finish 'The book thief', which I had to return to the library:(
4. How are you today? :)
Ummm pretty good...
5. If you could be room mates with one fictional character, who would it be and why?
Christy Miller.  No doubt about it.  But I'm sure none of you have heard of her... sooooo maybe Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson.  Yes.  I can't think of anyone else right now... But Christy is super down to earth and sweet and Thalia just plain rocks.  No question there.
6. If you could be one fictional character, who would it be and why?
Be one?  Uhhh... Oh I know... yes its super weird and from a little kid book but.... Kit Kittredge ya know?  The American Girl doll?  Hahaha yes I love her life and then I'd get to be BFF's with her friend Ruthie who is AMAZING hahaha
7. If you could push one fictional character off a cliff, who would it be and why?
Not to be weird... but I've never actually 'hated' a fictional character to that point.  Does this have to be from a book?  If not, then the Fire Lord from Avatar the Last Airbender.  Because well, he's a jerk and banished his son.  And he's evil...LOL
8. What is your favorite BOOK genre e.g classic, fantasy, sci-fi?
Well... sci-fi is okay but I really just like reading regular fiction with everyday mishaps and stuff.  It is easier for me to connect with characters that way, even though the story-line may not be as exciting, it can be quite heart-wrenching!  And historical fiction is good too.  :)
9. DOGS or cats?
One word-Dogs
10. Would you rather read or write?
Why does this question exist?  Is it okay to say I love them equally?  Well as most of us know, writing gets hard sometimes.  I've attempted to write...let me see... 5 novels (?) since I was 8 I think I started my first one.  And here I am, still not finished any.  But now I am writing a fanfiction (which may end up as a longer story thing) :D  And reading is... well we all know how reading feels.  I just don't know!!! 

Fun stuff!!!  Okay so I'm gonna tag:
Lila from: Creative thinking
I could go through my whole blog reading list but I will stop at 3 :)

Now for my questions:
1.Who is your favorite blogger?  Put their name and link below!
2.Cookies or Cake?
3.If you had to choose one eating utensil to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4.Least favorite song?
5.Fandom(s) you are in?
6.Fruit or vegetables?
7.Why are you in those (^^) Fandom(s)?
8.Desert or Rainforest for a month?
9.Hair texture? (Example: Curly, straight) Sorry, so random!!
10.Are you picky when it comes to food?



  1. I love your answers! No, it didn't have to be from a book, so your answer for number 7 is fine. ;)
    I didn't realise how hard the last question was until I typed it and then I just laughed evil-y and published. Mwahahahaha. ;)


    1. Hahahahaha they were super fun to fill out!! :D

  2. Hi! I just answered your questions! And I also nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find them here:

    xoxo Morning

  3. Hello Lizzie! I'm new to the blogging world so you don't really know me, but I really like your blog so I nominated you for The Sunshine Award! Head to my blog for the questions:
    (Sorry about third time nomination, it must get tiring)


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