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What is this anyways?

If you may or may not have guessed in the past two and one half years I've posted on this blog, more than anything this is full of random things.  Occasionally some photos from something I've done or somewhere I've been, a recipe, fandom rants, etc.
Something I don't put up here is things like, inspirational posts, self help, writing, educational type things, etc.
There may have been those few times where I have tried to do that and failed. But that's okay because this whole time I knew, and now I am confirming this is simply a lifestyle blog. Its like a vlog... a vlog can be filmed many ways and typically someone talking about their life, simply what they did that day.  Even taking their camera to the grocery store, getting ready to have guests over and more. You can't do all of that in words easily, but thats what I strive to do here.  Just a written down version of bits of my life I feel are worth sharing.
Realizing this post is more for myself than any viewers, I am really trying to just tell myself to try and make it really what I want it to be!

Right now I really am at that 2 and 1\2 year mark! Slowly growing over this period of time, trying to reach new goals with it, slowly working my way up! Someday I really want this to be that kind of super professional blog with photos that glow and topics that light up your mind and get inspired by just reading about someone's life, which is what I find all over the internet and what I want this to be someday!


P.S. Remember as it says on my sidebar, I am having a giveaway when I reach 100 followers.  Please stay tuned and share to anyone who may be interested. 
Thank You!


  1. I have always admired your blog <3

  2. Could not of been worded better. I have the same dreams for my blog. :)

    We should be each other's motivational coach to make sure we achieve our goals!

    Sarah ||

    1. Thank you!

      And yes, I hope (and know!) we can both get there.

  3. eeee, i'm so glad you realised what you want to do with your blog! i had the same issue with my blog and didn't really know why i was keeping a blog. when i finally realised that i loved writing and that was what i wanted to focus on, blogging became so much easier.

    wishing you aaall the best for your goals and aspirations for this blog! i'm so glad to be part of your journey <3<3


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