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August Faves | Hello September!

Hey guys!
Today is the first day of September!!! Can you believe it?!

So here are my favorites from last month!!

Song: Okay well this is quite difficult because to EP for Shes Kinda Hot came out and another song from 5SOS new album... and Halsey's new album titled 'BADLANDS' is out.  I RATE IT VERY HIGHLY BY THE WAY <3
But I'd have to say my faves off Halsey's album are Drive and Control and then Jet Black Heart by 5SOS, even though the EP is incredible too!!!

Thing I did:  1D obviously!  Its been exactly a week since I saw them and I still have to remind myself IT WAS REAL.

Outfit: Don't know the answer for a whole outfit but my favorite piece is my OTRA shirt from the concert :D

EOS: Oh umm whats the name of the dark pink one...

If you have any ideas for better and new questions for me to do at the end of the month, please comment or whatever :)

Assuming school has or is about to start for you, Good luck!  Summer really flew by didn't it... later this week I am doing a Summer Re-cap post!  So stay tuned for that!



  1. Ahh music. :D I saw that 5SOS released Jet Black Heart but still haven't listened to it. My concert to see them is Monday, so I better get on that. haha
    I keep seeing people rave about Halsey's new album! I'll for sure have to check it out.

    I was the same way when I saw 1D last year! After the concert I just kept watching videos and kept having to tell myself it was real. Post-concert depression is a thing, I'm convinced. hah

    Lovely post! Can't wait to see your summer re-cap! :)
    xx Sarah

    1. OMG please have fun at your concert, thats amazing!!!

  2. Ahhh! I'm so happy that you got to see 1D. ^.^ And yes, Halsey's new album is fantastic. <3


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