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Just stuffffff

I don't really have anything important to say....
But, I've been listening to  A TON of 1D, 5SOS and Little Mix mashups and they are SO COOL!
And as always, pinning anything and everything.  AND I found videos of Niall (from 1D of course) singing the A-team by Ed Sheeran and that song 'Stereo hearts' (remember that song?).  From like 2012!!!  They are so good!!  He has like, the best voice ever!!!  So talented!!!

Its so sad because right now, One Direction is touring the U.S.  They were just in Canada, then New Jersey and on August 29th and 30th they'll be in Illinois...I'M IN WISCONSIN!!!!  The cheapest concert ticket is $75 :P  It's less than 2 hours away from me :'(  Oh well...

Ugh and its August XP  That means school starts really soon.
But its only 2 months until I go to Germany!!!!  Wait... am I excited...?  Not yet....  XD  LOL

One more random thing: here is a picture of me.  From... today actually.  I haven't posted one in a while.  Don't want you all to forget what I look like!!! Just kidding XD

My highlights are STILL IN perfectly!!!  You can't really tell because my hair is in a braid but yeah...

Hopefully next time I post it is about something more important...  :)



  1. I love your hair with the highlights. So pretty.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  2. Lizzie you are so pretty! o.o And the highlights suit you really well! (I actually still listen to 'Radio Hearts'... is it really from 2012?)

    I nominated you for a beautiful blog award (here)! Looking forward to your post!

    1. Yasmine, Thank you!! And I will get to the blog award as soon as I can:)

  3. My gosh, I adore your hair! You are absolutely beautiful too.
    -Your newest follower,
    | My Blog | Pinterest | Google+ |

  4. Daisy-Chan, Thanks so much!
    Jollygirl, thanks to you too!

  5. Lyndsey,
    Thanks so much! Your're so pretty as well!!
    Your blog is fantastic! I followed it and some of your Pinterest boards ;)


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