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Catching up on my baking (#1) and more

Hey everybody!  I noticed today, logging onto Blogger that I have 2 more followers!  Yay!!!
So, as you can see from the title of this post, I want start catching up on my baking.

These are the first two things I found I want to share:
I actually DON'T know what these were called... but they were like, peanut butter brownies with chocolate on top.  I made them for the 4th of July:)  SUPER GOOD!

 And here is #2.  On Saturday I wanted to make cupcakes, but ended up making Chocolate muffins for breakfast on Sunday!  There were GORGEOUS!  But sadly, looked better than they tasted.  They could have been much more moist, but they were very nice and dense.

One more thing. Today was my first day of school!  I will be honest saying I did not completely enjoy my first day of being a sophomore :P  But thats okay...  
This picture is of most of the books my family own that were on a certain shelf in out schoolroom.  We got this super nice new shelf and had to clean all the books off.  So it was kind of a quick 'renovation' of our schoolroom before our school year :)  

I had a very lovely summer and lots of fun, but am ready for fall!!!!  :D  
My classes are:
  • Algebra 1 (Math) (since I totally failed 8th grade math and had to re-take it last year for freshman year, now I am finally starting Algebra :P) 
  • Natural History (Science)
  • World History (History)
  • Apologetics (Religion)
  • 'Ballad of the White Horse' Study  and Greek History (English)
  •  Spanish
I think thats it :)

I wish you all the best for the rest of summer and a good school year!!


  1. Peanut butter brownie!?!? That's like, my two favorite sweets combined! Oh and I started school today school. :)

  2. Agreeing with Eve, a peanut butter brownie sounds like heaven! :) For me it's always the other way round: the food tastes okay but looks horrible! (Even though there are the times when it both tastes and looks horrible. Baking is something I'll never master... although I did make a good panna cotta the other day. ^_^) You start school really early! I start on the first of September!

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

  3. Yummy! Those look so good!
    I nominated you for the sunshine award! :)
    Check out me blog to see it! :)


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