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Beautiful blog award again! :)

I am happy to announce that I have once again been awarded with the Beautiful blog award!!!
Thanks so much Celia for awarding me!!  Check out Celia's blog by clicking her name!  She is a FANTASTIC blogger:)

I will now fill out her questions:

1. do you have any pets?  Yes!  I have a Lab\Border Collie named Storm and he is 3 years old :)
2. favorite quote?  I have sooo many! One of my faves is: Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn -Ben Franklin  But I do have so, so many others!!!
3. book your currently reading?  "A swiftly tilting planet' By Madeline L'Engle  It is taking me a looong time to read 'cause I keep forgetting I have it, but it is veryyy good.  
4. favorite song at the moment?  I have wayyy too many!!! But I suppose it is Diana, Strong, Something great or Happily by One Direction. Ugh!!!! okay, so all of their songs are my faves!!! hahaha
5. biggest pet peeve? Bugs. When people spell my name with a 'Y'
6. what color is your room? the walls are purple with yellow, blue and pink flowers.
7. favorite thing about blogging? Sharing things about myself, getting to know other bloggers and the sweet bliss of writing!!
8. favorite bloggers? Eve, Bethan, Celia, Lauren... the list goes on!!
9. are you more like Anna or Elsa? Anna XD
10. have you seen The Lego Movie? No but I hear it is good!
11. favorite picture (can be of anything)
 Well, here are pictures of my 5 favorite people :) (Besides my friends of course...:) )

12. nighttime or daytime? Night!
13. zodiac sign? I think I am an Aries ;)
  Great questions, Celia!
I nominate: (The girls mentioned above)

My questions:

  • Favorite letter of the alphabet?  
  • Something that makes you feel safe..?
  • Fave classic story?
  • Fave Disney movie?
  • Blueberries or Strawberries?
  • Last thing you ate?
  • How is your summer (was)?
  • Thoughts on bananas?  I love them!
  • Pink or Purple
  • Ever moved?
  • Do you wear slippers?
Sorry my questions are so random!!!  

Have a fabulous day!  Well night... its night here...



  1. Does that mean I'm nominated too?
    Your blog is AWESOME!

    1. Well you nominated me... so YES XD
      ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
      Thank you!

  2. Hahaha great answers! I have a ton of weird pet peeves too (esp. about the spelling of my name) hahah. And lovely blog :) xx.

  3. Lizzie, I nominated you for the Kindred spirit award!


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