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Sometimes things could be simpler.

I apologize un advance for confusing things, use of caps lock and more. By the way this is SUPER long...

Why must unnecessary stress come from things we love the most?
Why must we live in a world where everything is a big deal when it is not important...?
You must all know by now I LIVE for being in the One Direction Fandom. You don't know the stress it comes with till you're in it though...
Girlfriend rumors
Leaked information
Fights about shipping people (including band members with eachother... some people are hardcore "Larry" - Harry and Louis - shippers HOW?! LOUIS ISN'T... LIKE... THAT... HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND)
Et Cetera...
So for some unknown reason, my stress-free, go with the flow, laid back mind gets swapped for a raging river of questions when rumors come about. I swear I turn into Sherlock Holmes, a really really dumb Sherlock Holmes, looking for answers. Most people would say to wipe all that negativity out of my life. But you can't just stop being in a fandom, I can imagine most of us bloggers know that ;)
But honestly the past few days have been one of the worst times I have experienced in this fandom. Rumor after rumor...
Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinsons long time girlfriend had some recent pictures released where apparently to some people she looks extremely thin and has bruises on her body. Of course some jump to the option Louis is abusing her. YEAH RIGHT THEY ARE IN THE PICTURE TOGETHER AND HAPPY. Some say Eleanor has anorexia. DOES ANYBODY UNDERSTAND ANOREXIA IS NOT A BODY TYPE IT IS A MENTAL ISSUE THAT CAUSES you to eat less/starve yourself and lose weight. I have friends that have joked about eating disorders multiple times and let me tell you, it is not to joke about. Like, its a picture, maybe she lost a pound or two, leave her ALONE. NOT EVEN A BIG DEALLLLL.
And Harry... has been seen going out with a model multiple times now. 1: Model. ALWAYS a model. 2: Okay she's actually really pretty and looks nice. 3: Harry has the right to do whatever he wants. Maybe she makes him very happy. Is that not what we want for him?
Earlier this past weekend Niall was spotted again with a girl. BIG DEAL PEOPLE HE'S A 21 YEAR OLD GUY WHO HASN'T HAD A REAL GIRLFRIEND MOST OF HIS CAREER IN ONE DIRECTION SINCE 2010. He's been out with other celebrities which BOTHERS ME SO MUCH. But give me a break he has been seen with this girl since summer and she looks nice and normal and it seems to me and some other people they are just friends anyways.
Last but never the least... a Vine was posted in Saturday of Louis Tomlinson apparently 'coming out'. I'm NOT. MAY I REPEAT NOT even going to talk about this. If you want to see the video Google it for yourself. He doesn't say that. Like I'm even gonna say anything because it stresses me out that people actually think he did. Okay I'm done. He has a girlfriend. Eleanor. For like, 4 years. Just don't even go there. Ughhhh I don't think that last paragraph made ANY sense to people.... whatever.

My point is... why does all of this bother me so much? Why do people have to make a big deal anyways? What should i believe online? Is it because I care about these people SO much that don't know I exist? What is it? Why can't people accept things. We can't change who Harry Styles goes out with on the weekends by sending the girl hate. Its only gonna hurt them. We might as well be telling them what they eat for breakfast just incase THAT BRAND OF CEREAL CAN KILL YOU. See? Totally unnecessary!!!!!! Just leave it. Take it in, accept whats going on. We can't control them. We can put our opinion out and yeah, even get frustrated.
Sometimes we can't do anything but hope and pray. Like back last spring when Louis and Zayn were smoking marijuana in Peru or something because its legal there. People BURNED their concert tickets after that video was released. People gave up and left the fandom. People sent pictures of themselves self harming to One Direction [thats really messed up. I apologize for mentioning it I just want to make my point] because this small act hurt fans so much. Yeah I was mad, but they can do what they want we can't change it. Maybe they were stressed out too and didn't care what they were doing. No one knows. Sometimes we only can just pray they have the peace of mind to stop.
Overall, One Direction are all good people who haven't had anything bad publicized in their fame so far. Even for their ages thats honestly really good. Reason number 28648364859291 why I look up to them.
But this post... I just wanted to ask...
Why do things like this stress me out?
Is it necessarily a bad thing?
Put your thoughts and answers in the comments!!

Thanks for reading this whole crazy post, I appreciate it.
Also I'm sorry if my posts seem like they revolve around mt favorite bands because to be honest, i DO focus on other parts of life if you are wondering;)


  1. Yeah, I think maybe letting band rumors stress you out might be bad? I mean, what if something really bad happened in your real life, and at the same time, Directioner drama was going on? Then you would have stress in real life, and when you turn to get comfort from the Directioner community, you'd just get more stress. I think liking bands is totally fine and even awesome--I like a few bands myself--but I think you might want to cut down on how much you worry about them.

    I know, easier said than done. I used to be obsessed with the entire cast of Hunger Games--and I know that's totally different, haha--but it took me forever to finally shake loose from that. I mean, I still think they're all cool people, and really talented actors/actresses, but I don't obsess over them as much. You probably don't even want to stop obsessing over 1D, but it might be healthy for you...

    idk...everyone's different. Also you didn't even ask for this long opinion of mine and you're not gonna live your life according to what one little lifeless commenter (meaning me, haha) says. But meh. I said it. :P

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. I agree!!! No, its fine!!! Thanks for taking time to read this and write a comment!! Xx


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