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Its February! Wait, what?!

Wait, hold on......... January is behind us.  That was short... and February will be even shorter!  -_-

What happened in January? Not much, to be honest! This weekend I went on a nice retreat at Schoenstatt, a few days ago my new sister was born, Zayn Malik turned 22, Calum Hood turned 19 and yesterday Harry Styles turned 21 WHATTTT
Okay anyways, that's all I can think of.  And now we're into the 2nd day of February.
I'm really hoping to have a good, solid blog post, rather than small updates (which sometimes get the most views though). Something that you can take out of it... Like my Labels post from last month. (I mean if anyone got something out of it! Haha)

And to celebrate this month, heres a Valentines day cupcake!!! 

I hope you all can enjoy my plans for blogging this year :)


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