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Christmas Eve and a fun addition

Hey guys merry Christmas!!!
Wanted to do a quick post before it is too late.
Here i have compiled a fun list of what i actually want for Christmas.

1. 1D tickets
2. To meet 1D
3.  To meet 5SOS
4.  To meet every YouTuber i watch and like
5. To spend time with all my friends on Christmas
6. To marry Michael Clifford or Niall Horan
7. Niall Horan, Niall Horan and more Niall Horan
8. A castle
9. A plane ticket
10. A summer home
11. For Santa to actually be real
12. To meet my online friends
13. To be besties with 1D and 5SOS
14. A life supply of Starbucks
15. Teresa's macaroni and cheese
16. A free ticket to heaven
17. Another plane ticket
18. 5SOS tickets
19. All 1D, 5SOS and YouTuber merchandise i could get my hands on
20. More wall space for my posters

There you have it, what I really want for Christmas. Hahahahahahaha.
Merry Christmas again everyone love you all,


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  1. Hahahah nice list ;) Btw, I tagged you for the Lyric Medley Tag, a tag created by me and another blogger, Bryleigh. If you don't want to do the tag, I completely understand :)


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