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An interview with an Author

Hey everyone!
I'm having my very first interview post! My lovely guest is a self publishing author who goes by the name Therese May. You can check out her book, 'By Moonlight', at this link to Amazon!
Here is the summary of her book!
"Eighteen year old Rhazanna’s mind was running a million miles an hour. Thoughts in a whirl, Rhazanna barely had time to realize what she was thinking before new thoughts replaced the old ones. Even though countless thoughts were running through her head, one thought stayed visible at all times. One thought told her that countless people would suffer because of him. One thought told her that her life would never be the same even if she didn’t get caught. One thought told her….to run!"  -*- When her parents, the King and Queen, die, Princess Rhazanna finds herself at the hands of the evil Lord Phidias Cosmos, who is plotting to take the Kingdom of Anthea from her. Fleeing from the Palace, Rhazanna is injured and forgets everything. Trying to repay the family who took her in, Rhazanna is caught up in her own troubles. Meanwhile, Anthea is trapped in its own troubles as Lord Cosmos destroys the Kingdom of Anthea. Will Rhazanna regain her memory soon enough to take back the throne and save the Kingdom she loves? Or will Lord Cosmos succeed in his evil plans for power?"

I've asked her a few questions and you can read her answers right here!

-How does it feel to have a book published?

I’d like to say that it feels amazing and is the best thing that ever happened to me, but to be honest it isn’t. Sure, I feel a sense of success, writing a book and publishing it isn't always an easy task. But to be honest, I felt embarrassed at times. A new person would meet me and hear I’d written a book and what was my reaction? It was usually to cringe. What I write is really what I think, so I felt a little exposed at first, I guess, revealing my writing. I’m becoming more and more confident and comfortable with it though.

-What or who inspired you to write this story?

Well, it took actually took a few inspirations and re-inspirations to get me to write, and finish, this story. My first inspiration was listening to author Shannon Hale tell the story about how she decided to write The Goose Girl. After that I got it into my head to write an adaption to a fairy tale. The Princess in Disguise was the tale I decided on. I started, but didn’t make it far. About a year later, I told a friend, who at that moment was writing a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, that I could never do what she was doing. She encouraged me to try though. So I did. I picked up my first retelling, discarded it, and started over. Now here I am.

-Tips for other writers...?

Stick with it! When you have an idea for a plot, write it down. I actually keep a little journal full of plots for books I would like to write in the future. Also, don’t give up writing after your initial inspiration has worn off. Try to find new things to inspire you. For instance, I like to sit and imagine the next parts in my story. It helps me get over writer’s block, and inspires me for at least a little while. Oh, I almost forgot, music. Find some music that almost always gets you inspired (I usually listen to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit soundtracks). I find it best to pick music that doesn’t have lyrics. Then when you’re having trouble writing turn on the music and keep trying.

-How long did it take to write total?

It took me about nine months to finish writing the first draft. However, the editing and writing process took about two years altogether.

-Best part about publishing your own book?

I have to say that it is the inspiration that I receive from it. When I face new challenges now, my first thoughts aren’t, “I’m definitely going to fail” but “I might be able to succeed if I stick with it”.

-Do you imagine your book to be a best seller someday?

It would be an amazing blessing if it was eventually a best seller, but right now I’m just hoping it will pick up a little attention.

- Do you plan on writing and publishing more in the future?

Absolutely! Now that I have started writing I don’t think I can imagine trying to stop. I am actually working on publishing When Justice Prevails, the second book in my Hearts of Courage series (By Moonlight is the first book), and writing a standalone novel.

-One word to describe your book

I think I’d have to use two words: simple inspiration. I added inspirations into the book to help the main character through her hard times. When I read the book over again, I sometimes find encouragement through the words. I know it is a little strange to find encouragement from words I wrote in the past, but it’s true.

-How would you describe your writing style?

Well, I like to write in third person. One of my favorite things to do is write characters’ thoughts. I don’t want to always be writing their thoughts, which is why I don’t write in first person, but writing an occasional glimpse is exciting for me.

-Favorite author? Did the author inspire any of your writing?

That’s a hard question since I actually have two favorite authors. The first is Louisa May Alcott and the second is Janette Oke. Louisa May Alcott has not yet inspired any of my writing, though I hope someday to someday write a story like her Rose in Bloom or An Old Fashioned Girl. Janette Oke, on the other hand, was part of my inspiration for the novel I am writing at the moment. The way she portrays Christian morals and Bible quotes in her books also helped me in the writing of By Moonlight and When Justice Prevails.

Thank you so much for reading! PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BOOK. I'm sure it'd mean the world to her!
And if you want, go ahead and buy it :)
Also, pass it on to anyone you think would enjoy this book!


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