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Climbing rocks in off-brand Converse {and more}

I was gone camping from this past Thursday until Sunday and had some fun by taking a walk along the shore of Green Bay bay with my brother and sister. After a while, we walked into the woods with no trail to follow. The part of Wisconsin we were in has a lot of rock formation type things and there were large rocks scattered all over the slopes in the woods we climbed. One thing that made it difficult was my shoes... my off brand converse :-)
We made it though, however on top of a hill we saw a house. An woman came out and asked us who we were. We told her we were from the campground and she showed us how to get back. It was kind of funny:-)

Also, One Direction came out with their new single todayyyyyyy it's so good. It's not what I expected!!! It sounds so different!!!

And here are some pics from camping:
And we went to this shrine. It is a Marian Apparition so that was pretty cool too.



  1. Lovely pictures:)
    Blog on // June

  2. All those pictures are too beautiful! Also, what brand are your ''converse''? I've been meaning to get some but there's usually other stuff I spend my money on. :)

  3. That's so funny how you got lost :) When I was on a missions trip this summer, my cousins and I, and one other kid went on a walk past the hotel we were staying at...and it was the creepiest thing ever! I thought for sure someone was going to come out of their house and ask us who we were and what we were doing!
    And yeah, I would also like to know where you got your converse, because I know of a lot of other off brands for different kinds of shoes, but I don't think I've seen an off brand for converse.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh fun! My shoes are 'gotta flurt' I got them really cheap online!

  4. Stunning pictures you've taken!:)
    Hahah climbing the hill with off brand converses!? Must have been hard!
    Love this post xx
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  5. The pictures are super pretty! It looks like you had loads of fun (:


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