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No title as usual:-)

Tomorrow is the kick off, you could say, to my very busy but of course very fun July.  Beginning with the 4th of July.  Parade, cookout at grandmas, fireworks at night... the usual.  And then, Saturday morning, summer camp at Schoenstatt starts!!! I will not be able to post until Thursday when I get home, at earliest. But I hope to come home with some pictures and a good story;) And then I will leave again on the 13th but that does not matter yet as summer camp this week will seem very long!! I will miss Pinterest, for sure!!! LOL
Well, maybe I will have time to do a quick 4th of July post tomorrow while I am home for a short amount of time. On that note... adios!!!


  1. Ooooo, lucky you!!!
    Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Head over to my blog for your questions.



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