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Giveaway entry day #3 and more

Today is the 3rd day for the giveaway!  You only have until tomorrow night to enter, so do that if you are interested.  If not many people enter, I will extend it by a day.    (Just comment your name at the bottom of this post to enter)
I also want everyone to know, I will not have electricity at my house form like 8am to like 2pm so, I will blog later in the day:)
Tomorrow also, I will finally be seeing How to train your Dragon #2!!!!  Has anyone else seen that?  :)

Oooone more thing!  If any of you have a Twitter account, you can follow me:)  Heres my link: My Twitter profile
Soooo have a great day and don't forget about the giveaway!  :)


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  1. jayden :) thanks for doing a giveaway that is so generous!


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