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Back to...normal

Well here I am at home.  I have been gone for 15 days.  It seemed long, but not so long.... I did enjoy being gone (of course) but woahhhhh AM I HAPPY TO BE BACK ON PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!  Hahaha.
So the last week of camp was super fun too!  And camping was fun except for the bugs which were horrid.
Tomorrow, I will be filling out the two more blogger awards I have to do.  Can't wait to do that :)  I also can't wait for Wednesday, and for a lame reason to 'outsiders' if I may call them that.  Wednesday is One Direction day!!!!  The 4th anniversary of the band!  Not doing anything special but I can't wait to see everyone on Pinterest go crazy =D
And one more reason for being excited:  I get to talk to my best friend on a regular basis again!!!
Not saying I didn't like being gone ('cause I LOVED it) but yeah.
Well, I will post those award things tomorrow!!!
Last, but certainly not least... I only have one more follower until I reach my current goal of 35 followers........remember my plan for that giveaway?  So pleeeeaseeee pass on my blog link, I mean I just need one person :)


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